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Solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems

In today’s modern world, Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) are used to efficiently monitor and manage traffic congestion. Incorporating a wide range of sensors and detectors, functions of these systems include real-time observation of traffic flows, control of digital signs, incident monitoring, and traffic camera monitoring and control.

These applications must operate flawlessly with real-time speeds, and they must operate over large geographical areas. Furthermore, they are often required to perform in harsh environmental conditions. EtherWAN supports a wide range of intelligent transportation systems and transportation solutions, from the control room to distant traffic control devices.

  • EtherWAN’s switches create a redundant network system that is critical to traffic control city and county wide.
  • Many of EtherWAN's switches include advanced alpha-ring technology, supporting a recovery time less of than 15ms to maximize uptime.
  • EtherWAN’s ITS solutions support QoS to allow high priority devices to transfer data in the most efficient way possible.
  • EtherWAN’s products are designed for extreme weather conditions, with wide temperature ranges, and abide by ITS standards, ensuring reliability and network connectivity without interruptions.

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Case Studies

Case Studies

New technologies, growing populations, and availability of funding sources mean Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) projects expect partners that bring the needed value to keep projects on track. Look to EtherWAN to help determine the network scope, impacts and limitations to get the right technologies implemented for your project. From Wayside communication for metro transit, intersections, and highway connectivity, EtherWAN offers a variety of network solutions that are purpose-built to fit in existing ITS infrastructures. EtherWAN’s products are NEMA TS2 certified for ITS and follow EN50155 standards for rail and train applications.

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Why EtherWAN

Why EtherWAN

To say that EtherWAN places a high priority on product stability and reliability would be an understatement. When it comes to critical networks, we know that data must flow uninterrupted. Our rigorous conformance to industry standards, combined with comprehensive in-house quality assurance systems, ensures maximum performance and lifespan of every product.

Extended Ethernet Distance

Long distance Ethernet over copper pair or coaxial up to 2.6km using existing wiring infrastructure.

Technology to Industry

EtherWAN is committed to provide industry-certified product development such as IEC61850/IEEE1613 for power grid and substations, EN50155/EN50121-4 for rolling-stock and railway.

Hardened Design Know-how

Designed to survive in extended temperature range; Protection against shock and vibration, power surge and high ESD, etc.

Efficient Bandwidth Control

Port-based VLAN, IEEE802.3Q VLAN Tagging and GVRP, IEEE802.1p QoS with priority queues, MAC-based trunking support.

Redundancy Management

Unique α-Ring topology guarantees recovery time < 15ms, multiple power inputs design, relay contact design for alarm connections.

Wise Mounting Design

Rack mount, Din Rail mount, Wall mount, Panel mount and Desktop.

Access Control

MAC address filter, IEEE802.1x PNAC, VLAN, Port mirror.

Network Management

Fully managed, console, web, SNMP, Telnet.